Health Care Providers Can Make Mistakes.

We handle medical malpractice cases – and we are good at it - but we are not anti-physician.

Virginia Plaintiffs' Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical errors happen. Good doctors make bad mistakes – even in the most reputable institutions with the most highly qualified physicians. These healthcare providers are typically fine people who have dedicated their lives to helping others, but like all of us, they are fallible.

Here’s reality: Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Such errors cause millions of injuries, sometimes quite devastating ones. It can and does happen to anyone, even doctors getting treatment themselves. No matter how meticulous and informed you are, the risk is always there.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
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Other Medical Errors

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"The "One Team" approach they deploy, in resolving client issues makes one feel that you are part of a team and not just a lawyer/client engagement. Rapid responsiveness to inquiries further supports the Rawls Law Group business model being very client centric. An example of this is the numerous times they initiated actions benefiting myself with no improvement to their fees.

I hope I never require legal representation again but if I did I would definitely use the Rawls Group to represent my needs.
I highly recommend the Rawls team ... Thank you Glenn, Brewster, Cari, Faith and any other Rawls' staff members involved or inadvertently omitted.."

- George

"The Rawls Law Group truly operates by their promise “we only do what we do very well”.

Thank you so very much to Mr. Rawls, Mr. Sturtevant, Cari Mikalson, and all the staff. We are so grateful to the Rawls Group for taking our case and seeing it through to a successful outcome!!!

The Rawls Group’s willingness to take my difficult malpractice case was a blessing to us. They showed compassion and professionalism throughout the process while working with us and the FTCA process.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s kindness and consideration during these trying times."

- Ernest

"Rawls Law Group was absolutely fantastic to work with, and I’m so happy I found them. The medical malpractice issues and legal process were all very stressful experiences for me, but this team made me feel like I was among friends - professionals who are as compassionate and thoughtful as they are on top of their game. Brewster even flew overseas to meet me for my deposition (we got orders at a different base after I became his client) to make it easier on me and my family. So instead of me having to spend a week to get to my deposition and back, plus dealing with jet lag, he did all of that instead. On top of that, he used his own airline points to offset the expense, which saved me $3,000! Really, who does that?!"

- A J

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