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Development of Case Strategies

Updated: May 5, 2021

Much of what we do as trial lawyers requires careful analysis and the development of case strategies. Those are learned skills. Embrace those opportunities to learn.

The other day, I had lunch with a good friend and former colleague. As we were lamenting dealing with younger lawyers (and some not so young) who often want to be told what to do, she reminded me of how I would challenge her when she was a new lawyer. As defense lawyers at the time (she is still one), we had to prepare case reports which included our assessment of the matter. I always made young lawyers draft these reports and go through the exercise of analyzing the case and the client's exposure. It was important for less experienced lawyers to go through the process. It didn't bother me if I disagreed with their conclusion as long as the analysis was careful, honest and reasonable. Case analysis and strategy is not easy when you're new. My friend reminded me of several interactions which were pretty funny - at least in hindsight.

So, newer trial lawyers, when your supervising attorney makes you go through such efforts, remember he or she is doing you a favor. It's worth the stress. And down the road you might even laugh about it.

Written by Brewster Rawls

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